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The New Patented TotalFlash® From Mortar Net


The new, patented TotalFlash® Cavity-Wall Drainage Solution slashes labor costs, provides superior moisture protection, and offers a wide selection of configurations and materials to suit every job.

Key Features

  • Available in both 50’ rolls and boxes of 10 pre-assembled 5’ 6” panels. (5’ net/panel, 50’ net/box)
  • 50’ rolls consist of the integrated flashing membrane and drainage mat with integrated weep tabs. (Drip edges, pre-formed drip-edge corners, inside/outside corner boots, end dams, termination bars, term bar mounting screws and adhesive/sealants sold separately.)
  • On 50’ rolls, the mortar collection and drainage mat is permanently adhered to the flashing membrane using a new method (patent pending) developed by Mortar Net that allows the formation of an air- and water-tight lap joint or termination point with minimal waste at any point along the membrane.
  • Pre-assembled panels consist of the flashing membrane, drainage mat with integrated weep tabs, termination bar, and drip edge. (Inside/outside corner boots, end dams additional pre-formed drip-edge outside corners and adhesive/sealant sold separately.)

Also included in each 10-panel box:

  • 1 starter strip for left-to-right installation
  • 100 self-tapping term bar mounting screws
  • Available component options for panels and rolls:
  • 4 membranes: Thermoplastic Vinyl, Rubberized Asphalt, Copper Laminate, TPO
  • 6 drip edges: Stainless Steel, Cold-rolled Copper, Kynar-coated galvanized steel in 4 colors (Almond, Tan, Gray, Terra-cotta), no drip edge
  • 2 termination bars: PVC, Stainless Steel, No termination bar
  • 14” high injection-molded inside/outside High Corner Boots available for use with panels and rolls.
  • Drainage mat and weep tabs for all TotalFlash configurations: 90% open-weave polyester mesh.
  • Standard height for panels and rolls: 18”. Additional available sizes: 12”, 24”. (Custom sizes other than those listed are available on request.)<.li>

Key Benefits:

  • Proven to cut installation time by at least 50% when installing panels vs. standard flashing.
  • Rolls may be purchased with or without components to match any job requirement.
  • Free takeoff service guarantees delivery of the right types and quantities of TotalFlash membranes with integrated drainage mats and components.
  • No job slow-downs waiting for separate items to be delivered when panels or rolls and components are purchased from Mortar Net.
  • Significant reduction in flashing installation time and expense on large projects by using 50’ rolls for long runs combined with pre-assembled panels custom-sized for repetitive openings such as doors and windows. No additional charge for most custom-sized panel lengths.
  • Mortar Net’s patent-pending attachment method quickly and easily creates air- and water-tight lap joints and terminations at virtually any point along 50’ rolls.
  • Mortar Net’s proven overlap and termination method quickly and easily creates air- and water-tight lap joints and terminations when using TotalFlash panels.
  • Integrated weep tabs eliminate the need for weep vents, will not clog from mortar droppings, and prevent insects from entering the cavity.
  • Panels and rolls are lightweight and easy to handle, even on scaffolding.
  • Panels and rolls are highly adaptable to restoration projects with a variety of standard sizes and the availability of virtually any custom size.
  • Multiple drip edge options enhance the appearance of a wide variety of building materials.
  • Clear instructions, extensive product support, simple, fast installation and high quality materials helps assure leak-proof installations to specs.
About Mortar Net® USA, Ltd.

A masonry building should let you enjoy Mother Nature while keeping her hazardous elements outside. In exterior masonry walls, the most common natural hazard is trapped moisture. Windblown rain or snow infiltrates through tiny fissures, or condensation forms where cool interior walls meet warm, humid outdoor air. If that moisture isn't expelled--constantly and dependably--it can lead to hazardous mold-growth, efflorescence, or wall-failure.

Mortar Net USA has won a series of U.S. patents for its line of remarkably effective--and surprisingly cost-effective--systems for preventing moisture buildup in exterior masonry walls. Marketed through some 300 distributors nationwide, these unique systems (for both brick & block) let moisture drain quickly to the outdoors, unimpeded by mortar-droppings or debris. Yet they're engineered for swift, labor-saving installation--even in restoration or remediation jobs.

For example, TotalFlash--the company's latest technological breakthrough, designed for cavity walls--contains multiple drainage components, ingeniously factory-assembled onto handy, 5-foot panels of flexible flashing. It delivers both redundant protections and exceptional coverage, yet lets builders gain savings of at least 50% in Time-&-Labor costs over conventional installations. (See the "TotalFlash Challenge" video on the company's website.) All the company's products reflect its sharp focus on superior performance and measurable value. As a result, the country's top builders have found there's no "or equal" for TotalFlash, Mortar Net, HouseNet, BlockNet or BlockFlash. For more information on Mortar Net USA's complete line of environmentally friendly products, visit, or call 1-800-664-6638.

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