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The Next Generation Office Environment

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  May 05, 2010

When we think of the future we imagine robotics and intelligent based technology ruling the world. We look as far away from our current realities and look for the elements that will provide the most ease and change as possible. The question is, what will the future really bring. In order to understand a futuristic environment we must examine the general progression of factors in our day-to-day lives. In North America, the average individual spends around 1900 Hours in a working environment each year. With enterprise and business on the rise, a large percentage of these individuals spend their time within the interior of an office setting. In order to look at the future of the world, it is important to look at some of the places in which individuals spend the most time.

What will the Next Generation Office provide? It is a possibility that robots will replace functions of many human employees, automation will replace countless processes of paperwork, and even more innovative systems of communication will exist, spanning beyond email and phone conversations. Another aspect is the architecture and design of the future interior office environment. Avanti Systems USA, a leading Manufacturer and Installer of Interior Glass Wall Partitions and Glass Doors has taken these aspects into consideration, and proposed a strategy that is attentive to the future. Why wait for the future if we can implement cutting edge design and technology today? Such product attributes as curved walls, privacy glass, and projection film glass are only a few integrated elements that are available today. These systems and products provide a unique working environment, properly suited for the Next Generation of Corporate settings, businesses, and interior offices Worldwide. To view more information regarding Next Generation Interior Office Solutions please visit

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