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14-7370 Bramalea Rd.
City, state:
Mississauga, ON
Postal code:
L5S 1N6 show map
(905) 564-6301
(905) 564-6302

Thermidaire Corporation Canada Limited was established in Toronto, Canada, in 1946 as a manufacturer of environmentally friendly industrial water treatment chemicals, fuel oil treatment, lubricant and sealant. The Company has since expanded and diversified its businesses and earned its share of the North American market. Combining many years of experience with most up to date technology has enabled us to offer, reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly, organic, boilers and cooling towers water Treatment programs, which cover every aspect with the efficient operation of steam, hot water systems and cooling towers.

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(11200) Water Supply and Treatment Equipment
(11300) Fluid Waste Treatment and Disposal Equipment
(11320) Grit Collecting Equipment
(11335) Sedimentation Tank Equipment
(11350) Sludge Handling and Treatment Equipment
(11365) Trickling Filter Equipment
(11380) Sludge Digestion Equipment
(11385) Digester Mixing Equipment
(11390) Package Sewage Treatment Plant
(15100) Building Services Piping
(15180) Heating and Cooling Piping
(15640) Packaged Cooling Tower
(23 20 00) HVAC Piping and Pumps
  (23 25 00) HVAC Water Treatment
(23 25 13) Water Treatment for Closed-Loop Hydronic Systems
(23 25 16) Water Treatment for Open Hydronic Systems
(23 25 19) Water Treatment for Steam System Feedwater
(23 25 23) Water Treatment for Humidification Steam System Feedwater
(23 65 00) Cooling Towers
(23 65 13) Forced-Draft Cooling Towers
(23 65 16) Natural-Draft Cooling Towers
(44 40 00) Water Pollution Control Equipment
(44 41 13) Spill Cleanup
(46 23 00) Grit Removal and Handling Equipment
(46 46 00) Sediment Removal Equipment

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