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Total Security Solutions: Cost and Pricing of a Bulletproof Glass System for Schools


While it seems like summer is a long time from now, the truth is, if you’re planning on having bulletproof glass installed in your school over the summer break, the time to plan is now. Typical production time for the components needed for a proper bullet resistant barrier system is 4-8 weeks depending on the type of glazing and bulletproof glass needed. Acrylic and Polycarbonate bulletproof glass production time, while Glass Clad Polycarbonate is closer to 6 – 8 weeks. Keep in mind, these lead times don’t account for planning or shipping. Once you start building the timeline, it becomes pretty apparent why school officials who plan to make any building improvements during the summer months should begin planning now.

The reality of the education system is one where funding and budgets are getting cut. A lot of times, when we speak with a school administrator or an architect working on school building renovations, we discover the original scope of the project is unrealistic. Of course, this is driven by the fierce desire to protect children and give them a safe place to learn, but to do a job as scoped initially, schools would have to pay about $1 million. That’s because most schools ask about replacing every window in the building, which is too costly and inefficient. When looking at past school shootings, the criminal went inside the school and committed the crime. Because of that, Total Security Solutions recommends fortifying the school entry points instead. Fortifying your entrances and implementing a locking mechanism to control who comes into the building offers a much more affordable security option.

Components of a Bulletproof Glass Barrier in Schools

When considering a school with a single entry point, you’ll want to fortify the school entryway doors and side glass panels and interior vestibule. The barrier should also include:

  • Level 3 Glass Clad Polycarbonate for door entryway and side panels because of heavy flow of traffic and exposure to the elements
  • Level 3 Ballistic Doors (aluminum is the typical material used, but steel is also an option)
  • Automated Locking Mechanism with entrance buzzer in vestibule area
  • Level 3 Acrylic or Polycarbonate Transaction Window, as well as Bullet Resistant Paneling and Counter tops to box in the vestibule area

    Cost of a School Bulletproof Glass Barrier

    The components described above are for a typical barrier configuration for a school with a single entry point. While prices vary for this type of set up due to the custom nature of the design needed for optimal protection and functionality in a school setting, expect to pay upwards of $25,000 or more for the barrier components and installation. This price can fluctuate based on accessories, hardware, number of entrances you want protected, and overall lineal feet of framing. If you have any questions about incorporating a bullet resistant barrier in schools, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our design experts today.

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    About Total Security Solutions Inc

    Bullet Proof Glass - Equipment and Complete Bullet Resistant Barrier Systems.

    It's not the dollars in the drawers or the funds in the vault. While those are important, they're insured and they can be replaced. Human life, however, cannot. Regardless of your security needs, Total Security Solutions can provide bullet resistant glass systems for a safe, secure, attractive working environment for your employees - the most precious of all assets.

    While many of the bullet proof glass products used by security specialists are the same, the comparison ends there. Total Security Solutions separates from its competitors at the moment project planning begins. After assessing your specific bullet proof security needs, Total Security Solutions will work through the planning phase to provide the most aesthetically pleasing and functional bullet resistant barrier system possible. At Total Security Solutions we combine a wide range of bullet proof products to integrate our system into your design environment

    Total Security Solutions plans, produces, and installs bullet proof barriers that are aesthetically pleasing. We specialize in custom bullet resistant barriers and bandit barriers that fit the design of your work environment. Additionally, we supply bullet resistant glass and materials to glaziers for self-installation.

    Total Security Solutions produces the most comprehensive line of bullet proof barriers and products available.

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