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Unlimited Possibilities With Belden Brick Special Shapes


We have already created an amazing array of shapes, sizes, colors and textures for projects across the country. The brick you have in mind may already be here for your use. If not, we are prepared to offer you design and production services customized to your exact needs.

The experts at Belden Brick’s Special Shapes Division are prepared to move new brick concepts from your mind to the mason’s hand. Architects and designers need not let their creativity be stifled by existing ideas of what a brick should look like. We invite you to explore the artistic impact that special shape brick can have on your design.

You can rely on our special shape brick to provide unique design elements – corners, angles, curves, slopes and other dramatic effects that go on to become signature pieces of residential and commercial architecture. We can also provide unique colors, making your next building stand out as a one-of-a-kind structure or blend in with its surroundings or existing companion buildings.

You can select from our extensive inventory of standard-shape dies and molds for commonly used special shapes such as corners, radials, bullnoses, sloped sills, headers, coping caps and other general shapes. You can also modify those shapes or create entirely new shapes of your own.

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