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Vobis, LLC

509 Paxinosa Avenue
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Easton, PA
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United States
Brian Bolluyt

Vobis, LLC is a leading global supplier of water, air abatement, and wastewater treatment systems solutions. Vobis, LLC provides fabrication, evaporation and granulation components, and modular evaporation, granulation and pelleting systems. We support our technologies with experienced engineering and testing services. Our evaporators, crystallizers, distillation systems, multiple effect evaporators, falling film evaporators, thin film, wiped film and short path evaporators, extruders, spheronizers, membrane bioreactors, submerged membrane bioreactors, counter current ion exchange, and spray dryers have proven themselves in multiple client applications. Our formulation development, market development and contract production services are available for Evaporation, water treatment, waste water treatment, air abatement as well as Granulation.

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(11330) Screening and Grinding Equipment
(11340) Scum Removal Equipment
(11380) Sludge Digestion Equipment
(11385) Digester Mixing Equipment
(13230) Digester Covers and Appurtenance
(02 72 00) Water Decontamination
(42 23 00) Process Condensers and Evaporators
(42 23 16) Process Cooling Evaporators
(42 30 00) Process Drying Equipment
(42 32 33) Spray Material Dryers
(43 22 36) Liquid Evaporators
(44 41 00) Water Pollution Containment and Cleanup Equipment
  (44 53 63) Solid Waste Baling Equipment
(46) Water and Wastewater Equipment
(46 63 11) Ion-exchange Vessel Media
(46 63 13) Mixed Bed Ion-exchange Vessel Systems
(46 63 16) Packed Bed Ion-exchange Vessel Systems
(46 63 17) Electrodialysis Reversal Equipment
(46 63 23) Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membrane Equipment
(46 63 31) Multiple-effect Distillation Equipment
(46 73 00) Residuals Stabilization
(46 73 31) External Draft Tube Digester Mixing System
(46 73 32) Internal Draft Tube Digester Mixing System

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