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About Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.


Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.

143 Dennis Street
City, state:
Rockwood, ON
Postal code:
N0B 2K0 show map
PO Box:
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N0B 2K0
Robin Jowett

The Waterloo Biofilter® is an aerobic biofilter designed for the biological treatment of wastewater. Our patented system utilizes an absorbent synthetic filter medium that optimizes physical properties for microbial attachment and water retention, creating an ideal environment for beneficial microbes that degrade and oxidize organic pollutants, coliform bacteria, ammonium, and other contaminants in septic tank effluent. Our systems are ideal for residential or cottage lots, communal designs and commercial sites. Our systems are installed across Canada, the United States and Korea, treating wastewater on-site from individual houses, trailer parks, golf courses, restaurants, subdivisions, remote work camps, resorts and small municipalities. Fully scalable and developed for hot or cold climates, the Waterloo® has small space and low maintenance and energy requirements. These versatile systems are very robust and include options such as re-use for irrigation, above or below ground configurations, sub-surface or surface disposal, and remote monitoring. Third-party testing for over 14 years has shown consistent removal rates of 90-95% BOD, 90-97% TSS, 99% fecal coliform and up to 60% TN.

Waterloo Biofilter now offers pre-assembled modular wastewater treatment plants. The compact Waterloo® system is engineered to make wastewater disposal as discreet as possible. High strength wastewaters, seasonal operation and weekend surge flows are easily accommodated in our self-contained SC-20 and SC-40 units. The lack of generation of aerobic sludge, small space, and low maintenance and energy requirements are distinct advantages over other aerobic systems. Our attractive packaged treatment plants ship easily, arrive ready to plug-in and can treat the equivalent of 25 3-bedroom houses each. This system can be customized to meet the needs of your site and your budget, and remotely monitored for ease of operation. Numerous Waterloo Biofilter systems are currently re-using treated effluent for irrigation, toilet-flushing, and other water-conservation purposes. This lowers site operating costs and allows for construction in water scarce areas. Our consistent and well documented Nitrogen removal capabilities also allows for higher density construction in environmentally sensitive areas.

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