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Waterproof your concrete with S-1500 Concrete Boost from Super-Krete

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Waterproof your concrete with S-1500 Concrete Boost from Super-Krete

The Ready-Mix Concrete Booster that Makes Concrete Stronger, Harder and Waterproof Like No Other

Add one bottle of Concrete BOOST! to your sack of ready—mix concrete and let it go to work for you!

  • Increase concrete strength up to 23%
  • Waterproof concrete
  • Resists shrinkage cracking
  • Resists freeze/thaw damage, dusting and spalling
  • Improve workability of concrete mix
  • Stops efflorescence
“Concrete BOOST! is designed for smaller batches of concrete such as countertops but can be used with any Portland cement-based material,” said Tracey Lackovich, President at SUPER-KRETE® International, Inc. Concrete BOOST! is a spin-off of the highly popular Pene-Krete® Additive also manufactured by Super-Krete Products Many customers already benefit from using Pene-Krete Additive in their higher volume mixes with significantly greater results in workability, waterproofing and strength.

The most visible effect is how the concrete mix becomes virtually resistant to shrinkage cracking even in hot and windy weather conditions during the pour. Menard’s chain of home improvement stores in the Midwest recently committed to deploying Concrete BOOST! at the checkout counter level which will enable Menard’s to introduce the product at the time of sale to anyone purchasing a sack or more of ready-mix concrete. Concrete BOOST! is designed as a smaller dose for use with a ready-mix sack up to 90 lbs.

Adding one bottle of Concrete BOOST! to a sack of ready-mix concrete will improve the overall matrix of the concrete by increasing strength up to 23%, waterproofing the concrete, resisting shrinkage cracks and improving the workability of the mix. The treated concrete results are significant reduction in permeability, efflorescence, susceptibility to freeze/thaw damage and resistance to water, radon and chloride ion intrusion. In concrete countertops, it will help keep slabs from curling as they cure.

About SUPER-KRETE® International, Inc.

Super-Krete is a globally recognized company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality concrete repair products. We are true manufacturers of our product line and always have been. It is critical for us to emphasize this fact because there are many companies that falsely claim to be the originators of Super-Krete and this is simply not true. We offer repair and restoration materials for substrate preparation, waterproofing, leveling floors, and beautification. We also as provide the necessary training and support services for the application of all of our products. For over 30 years, Super-Krete products have been enhancing, protecting, and restoring concrete installations worldwide.

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