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Waterstops for Fuel Storage from J P Specialties, Inc.


Earth Shield® by J P Specialties, Inc. prevents the passage of fuels and oils through concrete joints — Proven resistance and certified EPA compliance

Even the pipe supports and pipe penetrations are sealed effectively with the Earth Shield® waterstop system.

Change of directions are easily achieved, as Earth Shield® is a thermoplastic, and can easily be heat-welded to accommodate directional changes.

About JP Specialties, Inc.

JP Specialties, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of chemical resistant waterstop and related concrete accessories. Our NSF 61 certified Earth Shield® line of chemical resistant waterstop is used throughout the world by major engineering firms and project owners for primary and secondary containment applications, as well as industrial wastewater treatment and ozone contactor structures. We invented and hold the patent on the technology used to mechanically weld thermoplastic waterstops. Services offered include free blueprint take-off and shop drawings, on-site welding certification, and individual corrosion resistance certification for the project owner.

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