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WeatherTech Water-Resistive Barriers

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WeatherTech is a family of high performance waterresistive barriers, air barriers, vapor retarders and waterproofing products. When used in conjunction with properly installed substrates, WeatherTech products provide a superior level of moisture protection for any structure. Available with various levels of permeance and installation options.

WeatherTech Water-Resistive Barriers

WeatherTech offers a full line of water-resistive barriers and air barriers to seal the building envelope, protect structural components, and promote healthier indoor air quality. Waterresistive barriers have one primary function: to keep incidental moisture from penetrating into structural components and the wall assembly interior.

Preventing moisture intrusion is extremely important, as moisture-sensitive building materials often consisting of gypsum, wood or light gage metal can become severely compromised when exposed to moisture.

Durable Moisture Protection

WeatherTech products provide continuous protection from incidental moisture. They address many of the concerns associated with sheet based building papers and wraps. Concerns related to lapping errors, tears or seam gaps are eliminated.

Liquid applied barriers outperform sheets goods because they are:
  • Seamless: which eliminates water infiltration risk from horizontal and vertical seams.
  • Continuous: which eliminates the risk of water infiltration from rips and tears.
  • Direct Bonded: no need for screws, nails, staples, or other forms of mechanical attachment.
  • Superior Weatherability: exposure to UV light and moisture during the construction cycle will not compromise their effectiveness.
  • Are not dislodged by air pressures.
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