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Wood grain finishes for aluminum

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  May 26, 2016

Achieving the look of wood without the maintenance, Linetec has teamed with Decoral Systems USA to offer decorative, wood grain finishes for architectural products.

These finishes are available in a vast variety of different options, colors and species. Decoral coatings are an ideal specification choice for architects and designers wanting the warm, rich look and feel of real wood, with all the benefits of aluminum.

The beauty of wood without the maintenance

The Decoral wood grain system has developed the highest quality powders, inks, films and equipment that, when combined, create high-resolution image and beauty in architectural design. Ordinary materials come to life in splendid color and impeccable wood grain lines, stimulating the imagination and uplifting the spirit with impeccable quality and definition.

Decoral wood grain finishes have been subjected to the most demanding testing for durability, ruggedness, chemical and weather resistance. The results of this testing allow for al long term warranty in most indoor and outdoor environments.

Advantages of Decoral Wood Grain

  • Weather and humidity proof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • No maintenance required
  • High UV resistance
  • Easy to fabricate
  • High scratch resistance
  • Does not swell, rot or warp
  • Less costly than wood
  • Termite and insect proof


The Decoral dye sublimation process is a heat transfer system, that is based on the physical reaction that makes the inks, from a solid stage, become gas and again a solid. At the precise temperature and pressure, the pigment inks transfer from the paper support and move into the synthetic layer of Decoral powder, fixing the original color and position into it.

Decoral products are constantly submitted to the most severe durability tests both in the laboratories and in outdoor exposure including the Florida test fence.

The Linetec wood grain process uses the AAMA 2604 Gold Series Decoral powder coatings.

To Make Note Of

  • Wood grain coatings starting with a DS700 number signify a texture coating
  • Wood grain coatings starting with a DS400 number signify a smooth coating
  • The S at the end of the DS700 powder coat number signifies that an AAMA 2604 Gold Series powder coat is used
  • The AAMA-2604 Gold Series powder coat system is only available in the texture coatings
  • Smooth and texture coatings are available in the AAMA-2603 powder coat system
  • Texture coatings tend to be more durable, scratch resistant and less transparent
  • Smooth coatings have a much higher gloss and reflectivity

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