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Xypex Crystalline Technology Helps Secure the Foundation of Vietnam Landmark


The 35-story Vietcombank Tower is the new Vietcombank headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City. Designed by world famous architects, Pelli Clarke Pelli, this high profile building is located on the west bank of the Saigon River. The close proximity to the river means that considerable hydrostatic pressure and a very high water table are to be expected, with the problem likely to become more extreme in the rainy season. Anticipating the likelihood of serious concrete waterproofing and durability issues, the owners retained Bachy Soletanche, the French geotechnical and civil engineering contractor known worldwide for their foundation building and diaphragm wall expertise.

Very high water tables and hydrostatic pressure have been consistent belowgrade problems for most buildings in the area and Bachy Soletanch Vietnam (“Bachy”) has been the contractor hired by many to provide the necessary experience and product knowledge. In each case, Bachy chose Xypex crystalline waterproofing products over all others because of their proven capability in resisting hydrostatic pressure even under extreme conditions.

For the Vietcombank Tower, Xypex products were applied by Bachy to repair defective concrete at all leakage points in the diaphragm wall construction joints and to seal all rebar penetration along the perimeter of the basement slab. The successful completion of these repairs in November 2012 resulted in the decision to use Xypex Concentrate to waterproof all four levels of diaphragm walls.

The project is ongoing.

Pelli Clarke Pelli

Bachy Soletanche Vietnam


Concentrate, Patch’n Plug

3000 m2 + 1300 m construction joints

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