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Xypex Technology used at Rosemont Water Reservoir


Like a scene from “Lord of the Rings” - the cavernous, empty Rosemont Water Reservoir in Montreal, Quebec is being restored and put back into service by 2016. The underground reservoir was built in the 1960s, completed in 1967 and then decommissioned in 1978 because of the changes to the city’s drinking water supply system.

The size of the reservoir is approximately 35,642 square m2 (almost 5 soccer fields) and holds 227,000 m3 of water (equivalent to 61 Olympic sized swimming pools)! It has hundreds of concrete columns supporting a ceiling that is about 25 feet high. Over 150,000 lbs each of Xypex Concentrate and Modified were used on the walls, ceiling and slab for this expansive project.

Take a tour inside the empty Rosemont water reservoir with an explanation by Chantal Morissette, chief of Montreal's water service. The city of Montreal will put the reservoir back in service at a cost of $73 million. The reservoir, which was built in the 1960s and put out of service in 1978, holds approximately 227,000 cubic metres of water and will be renovated to increase the city's reserve of potable water by 40%.

What is Xypex Crystalline Technology?

Crystalline Difference - XypexBasic to the development of Xypex Crystalline Technology was a thorough understanding of concrete's chemical and physical makeup. Concrete is porous. Its tunnel-like capillaries are a natural part of its mass, and permit the passage of water and other liquids. Researchers at Xypex recognized the opportunity for a chemical treatment that would fill these capillaries to prevent the penetration of water and other liquids from any direction. By means of diffusion, the reactive chemicals in Xypex products use water as a migrating medium to enter and travel down the capillaries of the concrete. This process precipitates a chemical reaction between Xypex, moisture and the by-products of cement hydration, forming a new non-soluble crystalline structure. This integral structure fills the capillary tracts rendering the concrete waterproof.

The fact that Xypex Crystalline Technology is now specified and used on thousands of diverse waterproofing projects around the globe is a testament to the original concept. Crystalline waterproofing technology was an idea that grew because Xypex chemists questioned what concrete was all about and found a way to make it better. Today, we continue the tradition.

About Xypex Chemical Corporation

In more than seventy countries, the proprietary crystalline waterproofing products of Xypex Chemical Corporation are stocked, sold and supported by a worldwide network of distributors and licensees. The crystalline technology that makes Xypex so uniquely effective in waterproofing, protecting and enhancing concrete, was developed in Vancouver in 1969. Since then, in both hemispheres, in every climatic challenge, and in widely varying construction situations, our technology has been tested and proven.

In thousands of applications, Xypex has fulfilled on a promise we made to ourselves right from the beginning. Our market would be global, our distributor network would be second to none, we would build an infrastructure of people who would be knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable — and our products, always, would be the best in the business.

Today, Xypex sets the standard of exacting excellence in its field, and continues to be specified and applied in more and more major concrete applications.

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