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About Zurn/Wilkins Water Control Products


Zurn/Wilkins Water Control Products

1747 Commerce Way
City, state:
Paso Robles, CA
Postal code:
93446 show map
United States
(805) 238-7100
(805) 238-5766

Wilkins, a Zurn Company, has been supplying quality water control products to the marketplace since 1906. Products include backflow preventers, pressure regulators, and a variety of other support products. Originally based out of Mr. James Wilkins’ 200 square foot garage in Los Angeles, Wilkins has grown from this humble beginning to a 162,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Paso Robles, CA, with over 200 employees producing high quality water control products, and is now part of the Rexnord family of companies. We would like to thank all of our customers that enjoy and appreciate our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer service – the foundation of our success over the last 100 years. This dedication to the customer is our foundation and we look forward to serving you in our second century and beyond!

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(02080) Utility Material
(13910) Fire Protection Basic Materials and Method
(15050) Basic Mechanical Materials and Method
(15060) Hangers and Support
(15100) Building Services Piping
(15300) Fire Protection Piping
(15416) Wash Fountains
(21 05 00) Common Work Results for Fire Suppression
(21 05 29) Hangers and Supports for Fire-Suppression Piping and Equipment
(21 11 00) Facility Fire-Suppression Water-Service Piping
  (21 11 16) Facility Fire Hydrants
(21 12 23) Fire-Suppression Hose Valves
(22 05 00) Common Work Results for Plumbing
(22 05 29) Hangers and Supports for Plumbing Piping and Equipment
(25 36 23) Integrated Automation Battery Monitors
(26 33 46) Battery Monitoring
(33 12 13) Water Service Connections
(33 12 13.13) Water Supply Backflow Preventer Assemblies
(40 92 39) Self-Contained Pressure Regulators

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