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Operation and Maintenance of Educational and Scientific Equipment (11 01 50)


Other Companies for Operation and Maintenance of Educational and Scientific Equipment

Other Companies for Operation and Maintenance of Educational and Scientific Equipment
RFI Company Description City, state Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Alicat Scientific Alicat Scientific is a manufacturer of digital mass flow instrumentation for the precise measurement and control of various gasses and liquids as well as instrumentation for gas pressure control. Companies involved in automotive manufacturing, fuel... Tucson, AZ       URL
GBC Education Products Division Welcome to Imaginate, GBC's online lamination resource for educators! We've crossed the words "imagine" and "laminate" to get "imaginate," which is exactly what you do when you create new and exciting lamination projects! Northbrook, IL       URL
Newport Electronics, Inc. Leading manufacturer of process measurement and control products for the scientific, municipal and industrial markets including temperature, pressure, strain and force, flow and level, pH and conductivity/environmental, data acquisition and recordi... Santa Ana, CA       URL
NuAire, Inc. NuAire, Inc. manufactures customizable laboratory safety equipment. NuAire Class II Biological Safety Cabinets are well known in the life science industry. NuAire also manufactures Ultra-low Temperature freezers, Autoflow CO2 Incubators, PCR Workst... Plymouth, Minnesota       URL
Orion Optics Orion Optics UK manufacture quality astronomical telescopes and hand finished optics in Crewe, England. Our high standards and precision engineering coupled with the use of high tech materials ensure our products are among the very best available. W... Crewe, Cheshire (GB)       URL
Sper Scientific For over 25 years, Sper Scientific has been a leading supplier of environmental measurement instruments to maintain EPA, OSHA and FDA compliance, as well as for laboratoires and industry. Sper Scientific instruments are used to measure: BAROMETRIC ... Scottsdale, AA       URL

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