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About Concrete and Floor Coatings

3-Part CSI specifications  

Concrete and Floor Coatings

Two-component, 100% volume solids, can be applied to new, fresh, "green", un-cured concrete, eliminating the normal 28 day curing period for freshly poured concrete floors. This provides a major time-saver on floor construction projects, because "HYCOTE" 151 will cure in moist conditions, including under water. Has exceptional abrasion and impact resistance, so can withstand heavy vehicular traffic and even 13,000 P.S.I. water blast, so it is easy to keep clean. Has exceptional adhesion to properly prepared surfaces, including surfaces under water. Is routinely used by the U S Navy and U S Coast Guard for application underwater, through the splash zone and above the waterline in a single application. Used as the floor protective coating in extremely corrosive plant environments, such as sugar mills, food and beverage manufacturing/processing plants, etc. 100% Vol. Solids = 1,604 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT = only 8¢/sq.ft/mil DFT.

This premium quality, 100% acrylic latex Sports Court Coating has been formulated to help create a skid-resistant surface on tennis, paddle, hand ball, basketball and volleyball courts. Contains a coarse texture additive to give a skid-resistant surface also on walkways, steps, porches, breezeways, patios and around swimming pools. It dries quickly, providing a tough, durable, attractive finish. Available in White (for lines) and traditional Tennis Court Red and Green. Over 50% Vol. Solids = 804 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT = only 3¢/sq.ft/mil DFT.

A premium quality, 100% acrylic latex enamel for use on exterior or interior hard surfaces such as patios, steps, walkways, floors or playing courts. It dries quickly to a tough, durable, satin sheen enamel finish that is easily maintained. Contains a very fine texture to provide skid resistance. Available in White and several popular floor and patio colors. Our tropical climate formula contains the maximum amount of mildewcide. Made with the hardest acrylic resins available from modern chemical technology. Over 30% Vol. Solids = 492 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT = only 4¢/sq.ft./mil DFT.

An exceptionally high quality, premium grade, heavy duty, tough, long wearing, weather and rust resistant, polyurethane/alkyd (oil) high gloss enamel formulated especially for severe tropical climates. This solvent-borne (mineral spirits) enamel will spray, brush or roll easily. Use on properly prepared and primed floors, steps, ladders, walkways, etc. constructed of wood, iron, steel, aluminum, etc. Available in White, Stock Colors and hundreds of Custom Colors. Over 50% Vol. Solids = 815 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT = only 3`¢/ DFT.

Premium quality, heavy duty, industrial grade, single component, solvent borne (mineral spirits), polyurethane-based marine varnishes especially formulated to give an exceptionally hard finish that helps to protect, preserve and retain the natural beauty and color of wood. Resistant to severe weather, fresh and salt water, boiling water, dilute acids, alcohol and normal marring or scuffing. Available in 2 distinct formulations:
No. 770 – Exterior High Gloss with Ultraviolet Light Absorber - Over 41% Vol. Solids = 671 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT = only 5¢/sq.ft/mil DFT.
No. 756 – Interior High Gloss - Over 41% Vol. Solids = 661 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT = only 4¢/sq.ft/mil DFT.
No. 772 - Interior Satin - Over 42% Vol. Solids = 674 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT = only 4¢/sq.ft./mil DFT. MSDS

A Premium Quality, 100% poly-acrylic, waterborne, universal, all-purpose, exterior and interior, clear, non-yellowing coating that can be used as a Primer, a Sealer, a Waterproofing Coating and a Topcoat or Finish Coating. It has excellent resistance to ultraviolet (sun) light degradation, excellent adhesion to practically every properly cleaned and prepared surface, and dries to a hard finish that has excellent resistance to wear due to normal pedestrian traffic. No solvents, no fumes … exceptionally user and environmentally friendly. "PST" will NOT "blush" or turn "white" if moisture develops under the coating, but will remain clear. Because SOMAY "PST" will always "breathe", it allows moisture vapor to escape through the cured coating film. "PST" can be applied to concrete, masonry, non-glazed porous brick, stone, coral rocks and other porous materials, wood decks, docks or porch floor surfaces, and primed ferrous metal. Over 20% Vol. Solids = 200 sq.ft./gal./mil DFT = only 7¢/sq.ft/mil DFT.

Seal and protect both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. This high quality acrylic silicone sealer is used to seal all properly cured and prepared porous concrete and similar masonry, brick, coral, slate and stone surfaces. It penetrates, seals, dries rapidly and is unusually durable. No. 775 is exceptionally resistant to: weathering, fading, dusting, mild acids & alkalis, detergents, gasoline, motor oils, alcohol, water and normal wear. Solvent borne (xylene). Expect approx. 100 sq.ft./gal. for the first coat on a porous, but smooth surface. Coverage may be more for 2nd coat.

In addition to the products above manufactured by SOMAY, we also represent, stock and distribute paints and coatings manufactured by a number of other internationally recognized major manufacturers. Therefore, we can supply practically any kind of high tech, high performance coating you may need. Please just contact SOMAY... we would appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Walkway Painted with SOMAY Latex Satin Finish Floor Enamel, Product No. 230, Color: Tennis Court Green
Garage Floor Painted with SOMAY Industrial Floor Coating, Color: Gray

3-Part CSI specifications for Concrete and Floor Coatings

3-Part CSI specifications for Concrete and Floor Coatings
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Technical Information
Application Instructions, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Specifications, for:
  • Waterproofing Coatings
  • House & Wall Paints
  • Enamels
  • Roof Paints
  • Concrete & Floor Coatings
  • Primers & Undercoaters
  • Traffic Paint
  • Varnishes, Specialty Paints
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