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Somay Sports Court Non-Skid Coating

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jun 19, 2011

SOMAY Sports Court Coating is the finest quality, 100% acrylic latex sports court coating available from modern chemical technology.

SOMAY Sports Court Coating is recommended for use on: all exterior or interior sports court surfaces that are fully cured, firm and properly prepared, including concrete, macadam, all-weather asphalt or bituminous-based composition surfaces. It can also be used on other hard surfaces on which you want a skid-resistant finish for pedestrian safety, such as stone, brick, unglazed tile, cement tile, concrete block, slate, wood, primed metal, etc.

SOMAY Sports Court Coating is NOT recommended for use on: Any surface on which heavy motor vehicles with hot tires may be driven or parked, since the combination of heat and pressure from the weight of a heavy vehicle could result in possible damage to the coating and/or film pick-up by the hot tires. It is not recommended for use over uncured wood, pressure treated wood that has not weathered sufficiently, tar that is soft, any other infirm surface, or any surface that has not been properly prepared.

SOMAY Sports Court Coating contains extremely effective and durable non-metallic, non-crystalline, non-hazardous, environmentally safe micro particles to give anti-skid characteristics to the coated surface. This provides a surface that is both more comfortable and safer to play on. Many competitive non-skid sport court coatings contain harsh silica (sand) or metallic particles, which can be injurious to a player who falls or tumbles while playing on these courts, and can wear out tennis shoes and tennis ball covers faster than surfaces covered with SOMAY Sports Court Coating.

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