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Knauf Insulation Launches Redi-Klad 1000° Pipe Insulation

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jun 12, 2008

Knauf Insulation recently introduced Knauf Redi-Klad™ 1000º Pipe Insulation, an innovative solution for insulating piping in outdoor industrial and commercial mechanical systems. Knauf Redi-Klad is a weather resistant pre-jacketed fiber glass pipe insulation that can be used in applications that have traditionally required metal jacketing. Knauf Redi-Klad combines superior base fiber glass pipe insulation with a factory-applied 5-ply zero perm jacket for a weather and abuse resistant system that has a finished appearance comparable to embossed aluminum. The durable jacket also has a self-sealing lap for superior system integrity and speed of installation.

Knauf Redi-Klad reduces costs with fewer components and fewer installation steps for quick, easy installations. “Redi-Klad provides the market with an alternative to labor intensive metal jacketing systems by increasing speed of installation, improving safety and easing maintenance,” says Doug Bolen, Commercial & Industrial Marketing Manager for Knauf Insulation. “For instance, installing Knauf Redi-Klad is nearly as simple and straight forward as installing an all service jacketed (ASJ) pipe insulation, eliminating the need for metal fabrication, special tools, banding and rivets. You just place it around a pipe, tape it up, and you’re done. Knauf Redi-Klad eliminates the sharp edges associated with traditional metal jacketing that can cause injury. Additionally, maintenance and repairs are made easy since you simply tape it.”

Knauf Insulation is a leading global manufacturer of thermal and acoustical insulations for residential, commercial, industrial, OEM and metal building applications.

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