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Plant Conversion Brings EcoBatt™ Insulation to East Coast

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jul 23, 2009

Knauf Insulation is pleased to announce the production of EcoBatt™ Glasswool Insulation with ECOSE™ Technology at Knauf’s Lanett, Alabama facility. The plant, which began manufacturing EcoBatt Insulation products on March 24, 2009, plans to be at full production capacity by early April, 2009. Currently, there are approximately 170 salaried and hourly workers employed at the facility.

“We are very excited to produce EcoBatt products,” says Bill Taylor, Knauf Insulation North America Director, Lanett Plant Operations. “These products are our next generation of sustainable insulation.”

EcoBatt Glasswool Insulation truly represents Knauf Insulation’s next generation of sustainable insulation. The products combine a minimum 30% (and up to 50%) post-consumer recycled glass, and one of the world’s most abundant renewable natural resources—sand, with the new ECOSE Technology. These products improve the already exceptional environmental credentials of fiber glass insulation because they are produced with a revolutionary new binder called ECOSE Technology.

“ECOSE Technology is up to 70% less energy intensive than our previous binder, and reduces the carbon footprint of products made with the revolutionary technology. It also eliminates the non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals such as phenol and formaldehyde traditionally used in insulation binders,” According to Taylor. ECOSE Technology delivers improved environmental sustainability, reduces embodied energy, and does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors typically found in traditional fiber glass batt insulation products.

The new Lanett production line will manufacture EcoBatt Glasswool Insulation products including residential and commercial batts, blowing wool and some high R-value commercial products. “We will be producing some commercial products, but we plan on remaining a high-percentage residential batt and loose-fill production plant,” confirms Taylor.

EcoBatt Insulation was first introduced in the San Francisco and Sacramento, California markets, the Seattle market, and the Portland, Oregon market during the 4th quarter of 2009. Shortly thereafter, additional markets were added, with the goal of supplying the entire United States with EcoBatt products by mid-2009. Driven by phenomenal market acceptance, the conversion of the Lanett plant means Knauf Insulation has now reached that goal ahead of schedule, and is able to supply all U.S. markets with EcoBatt Insulation. Knauf Insulation has the goal of converting all products they manufacture in all plants to ECOSE Technology by the end of 2009.

Taylor recognizes the significance for the local market as well, and is proud of where the company is headed. “The ability of Knauf to remain in production in a county that has the second highest unemployment rate in Alabama (Chambers County) really says something. Bringing one of the most sustainable insulation products, EcoBatt, to market allows us to look forward to a productive, and much more sustainable, future.”

Knauf Insulation is a leading global manufacturer of thermal and acoustical insulations for residential, commercial, industrial, OEM and metal building applications.

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