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Get the Industry Leading Fall Restraint System

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Mezzanine safety is an important area to provide safeguarding against falls. Many mezzanine areas are often cramped storage spaces with little room to maneuver around and poor lighting to see where you are going. These hazards can increase the likelihood of someone making a misstep at the leading edge and possibly falling. Garlock offers many fall arrest system solutions to guarding these areas in your plant like our new LedgeGuard Mezzanine Gate. LedgeGuard gates are a bi-directional gate system that allows a forklift to load a pallet through an open gate while the worker on-deck is held back from the leading edge by another gate that is closed.

We carry both Portable and Permanent OSHA Fall Protection options
We also offer OSHA fall protection compliant portable and permanent railings systems that can be mounted all along the leading edge of elevated platforms. VanityGuard railings are screened railings that hide materials on deck from sight. And manual or self-closing gate systems for ladder access areas complete the fall protection plan. All of these products combine to provide a comprehensive fall plan for Mezzanines and elevated platforms.

Protect your employees with our Construction Safety Equipment
Indoors and outdoors, a guard rail adds protection for your workers and productivity. Fall protection and machine guarding can protect your bottom line. Railguard 200 is the preferred OSHA fall protection compliant guard rail system that is easily configured to your changing needs. Rails come in three sizes and formats, a variety of connection options are available, gate options add flexibility, and transport carts make portability a pleasure. Contact Railguard 200 with any guard rail question and our experts will assist you in your purchasing of our construction safety equipment.

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