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New R-7901 and R-7902 Removable Bollards


For outdoor locations where change of accessibility is needed, Reliance Foundry offers a range of removeable security Bollard options.

Our lockable, emergency access Bollards provide roadway and pathway definition, where rapid vehicle access may be required. They can be installed in pathways to deter intrusion, divert traffic, and define routes or roadways. They provide safety & protection to critical infrastructures while still maintaining pedestrian freedom. Our movable Bollards are intended for applications where frequent or quick manual removal of the locking Bollard is necessary (i.e. emergency access).

We have unique, steel removable Bollard designs, as well as many other iron and aluminum Bollards that can be customized using our universal removable mounting kits. Our latest Bollard models (R-7901 and R-7902) are also available in stainless steel.

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