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Knauf Insulation backs Branson's Carbon Challenge

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Feb 16, 2010

Knauf Insulation today joined, with mayors from around the world, to support the launch of the Green Capital Global Challenge, an initiative of the Carbon War Room. Speaking at the launch event in Vancouver, Knauf Insulation stressed the huge challenge that lies ahead to decarbonise the built environment whilst highlighting the huge benefits that would be achieved, for the environment, the economy and citizens.

Over 30 Mayors and Sustainability Directors from leading cities met in Vancouver with business leaders and financial institutions to agree an action plan to deliver a billion dollars in financing to decarbonise their built environment. Invited by Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver and supported by the Carbon War Room, the meeting launched this initiative under the banner of the Green Capital Global Challenge. Speaking at the launch of the initiative, Sir Richard Branson, called upon business leaders and Mayors to join together to dramatically reduce carbon emissions from the built environment.

Knauf Insulation, who joined the Green Capital Global Challenge initiative as a supporting company, spoke during day one of the conference about the huge challenge ahead that cities face in deep renovating their existing building stock to low energy standards. Jeff Brisley, Senior VP Sales and Business Development at Knauf Insulation explained,

“To achieve long term climate goals in both Europe and the US, will entail the deep renovation of the entire building stock to low energy standards by 2050. This means an estimated investment of over 4 trillion dollars and a doubling of the current renovation rate in most countries.” Jeff continued, “The implications for both financial institutions to deliver this capital and the building chain to deliver sufficient trained staff cannot be underestimated”.

Striking a more positive note Jeff explained, “Because this effort would pay back the trillions in upfront costs through saved energy, an estimate 270 billion in energy savings per year in the EU alone, the time to act is now”. Jeff continued, “Renovating our building stocks will provide hundreds of thousands of quality jobs, reduce energy dependence and most importantly put us on a road to a low carbon future; given this, now is the time to turn buildings from energy wasters to carbon savers.”

Knauf Insulation also spoke of the importance of Mayors and government supporting the building chain in its move towards higher skills and knowledge in the area of energy efficiency, as a prerequisite for delivering the energy savings. As well, Jeff Brisley, asked the Mayors and financers to find a way to ensure that financing can be made available, saying, “If you [mayors and financial institutions] make the finance available, we will bring the cleanest and greenest products to market to make this transition possible.” On this last point, Jeff talked also about Knauf Insulation’s new mineral wool made with ECOSE® Technology, the first mineral wool made using a bio-based, formaldehyde free binder, a binder that has a 70% reduced carbon footprint.

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