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Ambico Radio Frequency Steel Assemblies


Ambico Radio Frequency Steel Assemblies

A Radio Frequency (RF) shielding door assembly reduces the amount of radio-frequency and/or electromagnetic energy that is transmitted across an opening. Often RF door and frame assemblies are designed to achieve acoustic as well as radio frequency attenuation.

Door and frame assemblies meet combined radio frequency standards. The drop in energy transmitted across the opening (attenuation) is measured in decibels. The performance can be specified as a particular attenuation at a particular frequency (i.e. 40dB at 1GHz), as a consistent attenuation across a band of frequencies (i.e. 25dB from 400Mhz through 10GHz), or as varying attenuation across a band of frequencies (i.e. 25dB at 200Mhz, 35dB at 800MHz, 40db at 1.2GHz).

Assemblies are provided complete with RF gasketing that is essential to product performance in the field. Materials can be provided in mild steel or stainless steel formats to meet the widest variety of applications.

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