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Armstrong Expands Portfolio of Custom Column Cover Solutions


Portfolio now includes new Metal, Wood, Felt, and Plasterform™ GRG capabilities.

Armstrong Expands Portfolio of Custom Column Cover Solutions

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has expanded its portfolio of custom column cover solutions to include new metal, wood, felt, and Plasterform™ GRG capabilities.

Available in both interior and exterior solutions, the new custom column cover capabilities give architects and designers a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes to meet their design needs.

Providing support from design through execution, the Armstrong® You Inspire™ Solutions Center and Specialty Ceilings Construction Services teams will help carry a design from floor to ceiling, complete with shop drawings.

MóZ Designs Custom Metal Column Covers

Now part of the Armstrong portfolio, MóZ Designs custom metal column covers are available in a variety of architectural metal finishes and laser-cut designs that bring energy and movement to any environment. The metal column covers are preengineered to conceal structural elements.

WoodWorks® Custom Column Covers

Available in various shapes, sizes, finishes, and perforations, custom WoodWorks column covers in rich, warm wood tones create a warm welcome and add definition
to signature spaces. The column covers are designed with plywood internal ribs to create any shape.

Tubular Custom Felt Column Covers by Turf Design

Also included in the expanded portfolio of Armstrong custom column cover solutions are Tubular felt column covers by Turf Design. The felt column covers are easy-toinstall, environmentally responsible, and are available to ship in four weeks, making them ideal for renovation projects.

Plasterform® GRG Column Covers

Plasterform® GRG column covers create a uniform appearance and recreate the visual of natural stone. Lightweight, durable, and easy-to-install, the column covers are an economical replacement for traditional plaster.

To learn more about the Armstrong portfolio of custom column covers, visit For more support, reach out to the You Inspire™ Solutions Center at

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