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Attic access solutions for the new code requirements

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Due to the recent IRC and IECC Code changes it may be difficult for Builders, Contractors, Architects, etc. to select an attic access solution for residential use that meets the new Building and Energy Codes:

2009 IECC Section 402.2.3 and 2009 IRC Section N1102.2.3 and 2012 IECC Section R402.2.4 reads: "Access hatches and doors. Access doors from conditioned spaces to unconditioned spaces (e.g., attics and crawl spaces) shall be weather-stripped and insulated to a level equivalent to the insulation on the surrounding surfaces."  Energy Star Version 3 requirements conform with the 2009 IECC and 2009 IRC. The 2012 International Green Construction Code conforms to the 2012 IECC.

These new Code requirements mean the attic access pull down ladder or access hatch must be insulated to the same level as the rest of the attic (minimum R-30 to R-49).

 Two attic access solutions that meet these new Codes and provide solutions:

  1. E-Z Hatch R-42 Attic Access Door.
    This is an air-tight, high-performance, energy-efficient attic access scuttle door. It is R-42 (R-50 is optional), triple-gasketed, pre-finished, and provides a 22x30” access opening. It is an energy efficient alternative to energy wasting attic pull down ladders, and exceeds all Code requirements. Deluxe version is provided with 4-point lock and handles, keyed alike or different. Priced at $199 (R-42 no lock) or $269 (R-42 with lock), it is less expensive solution and a higher performance alternative to a pull down ladder and the Code required insulated and gasketed stair cover.
  2. Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover.
    When pull down ladders are preferred install an energy-efficient pull down ladder cover. The kit includes the rigid box (stair cover), rubber gasket, a reflective shield and optional R-50 insulation. Insert the desired amount of insulation into the reflective shield, and place the stair cover rigid box into the reflective shield covering the insulation. The shield holds the insulation to the box. The stair cover fits between trusses. Available in 3 sizes to fit most any size or brand of pull down ladder: 22x54, 25x54 and 30x54.  Priced at $59 without insulation (add your own) or $99 with R-50 insulation included, it is the least expensive, easiest install and highest insulation of any attic stair cover kit available. Discounts for bulk purchases and may be purchased with or without R-50 insulation (installer may add their own insulation).

R-5, R-10 attic ladders do not meet Code - they must be insulated to minimum of R-30 to R-49.

Much more info including pictures, literature, Specifications, CAD, wholesale pricing etc. may be viewed on our website. We sell direct. If we can provide any further details, please contact us.

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