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Belden Acquires Lawrenceville Brick


Dear Employees and Friends:

I am happy to announce that we have acquired virtually all the assets of the Lawrenceville Brick Company as of today. These two relatively new brick manufacturing facilities, along with a significant source of clay reserves, will fit very well into the Redland Brick umbrella of production, marketing and administrative services. Key members of the management team at Lawrenceville will continue to have prime responsibility for delivering the high quality products and services that have established their good reputation in the market place for brick over the past 60 years.

All of us know that these are not the best of times for anyone supplying building materials to the construction marketplace. But we have confidence that the market will soon get better and the opportunity to affiliate with this fine Company, operating in the business friendly state of Virginia with a reliable supply of energy and great transportation facilities, was too good to pass up. Their product line fits well into the Redland Brick portfolio and should make a seamless transition into Redland’s sales efforts.

We look forward to realizing the upside in the potential of this venture and ask all of you to participate as much as possible in bringing that about. Thanks in advance for the support I know you will provide.


William H. Belden, Jr.

About Belden

As a nationally recognized leader in the brick manufacturing industry since 1885, The Belden Brick Company offers numerous types of chemically resistant, face and paving brick in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Belden has established and sustained a widely recognized reputation for the quality of its products. Headquarters are located in Canton at 700 Tuscarawas Street, West and on the web at

Belden Brick is available in a world of colors including soft whites and creams, golden buffs and dusty tans, delicate pinks and cinnamon reds, chocolate browns, pewter grays and coal blacks. With so many colors to choose from your options are truly endless.

Sizes and Shapes
More sizes mean lower wall costs. With as many as sixteen different sizes to choose from Belden has the size you need. Plus, Belden has made thousands of special shapes to provide special details for individual projects. Need an "impossible" shape for your project? Then call Belden Brick and learn how the impossible can become reality.

Belden Brick offers thirteen different textures that range from silky smooth finishes to rugged randomly textured styles. Each texture can make its own distinctive contribution to the visual impact you seek.

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