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Belden Brick Company Receives Sentinels Of Safety Award


We are pleased to announce that Belden Brick Mining Operations was bestowed the Sentinels of Safety Award for outstanding safety performance in 2011. Mining Operations worked more than 66,000 hours without a single lost-time incident. The Belden Brick Company is committed to being the Standard of Comparison in all aspects of our business and this award serves as confirmation that our efforts in promoting safety are achieving the results we desire.

About Belden Brick Co.

As a nationally recognized leader in the brick manufacturing industry since 1885, The Belden Brick Company offers numerous types of chemically resistant, face and paving brick in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Belden has established and sustained a widely recognized reputation for the quality of its products. Headquarters are located in Canton at 700 Tuscarawas Street, West and on the web at

Belden Brick is available in a world of colors including soft whites and creams, golden buffs and dusty tans, delicate pinks and cinnamon reds, chocolate browns, pewter grays and coal blacks. With so many colors to choose from your options are truly endless.

Sizes and Shapes
More sizes mean lower wall costs. With as many as sixteen different sizes to choose from Belden has the size you need. Plus, Belden has made thousands of special shapes to provide special details for individual projects. Need an "impossible" shape for your project? Then call Belden Brick and learn how the impossible can become reality.

Belden Brick offers thirteen different textures that range from silky smooth finishes to rugged randomly textured styles. Each texture can make its own distinctive contribution to the visual impact you seek.

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