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Boon Edam High Security Doors and Portals


Security revolving doors and interlocking portals prevent unauthorized entry in the form of tailgating and piggybacking. Security revolving doors can allow simultaneous 2-way traffic flow and a high traffic capacity. Interlocking portals allow 2-way traffic flow, but only in one direction at a time, but can accommodate a wheelchair or delivery cart.

When integrated with your access control system or biometrics access, these solutions become an integral part of the building's security and can be upgraded with bullet-resistant or vandal-resistant glass to provide additional peace of mind for your employees. Both support regulatory compliance, risk and liability reduction and accurate metrics collection.

Boon Edam High Security Doors and Portals

When security is critical, high security revolving doors and portals have been proven to prevent intrusion. Although security doors and portals differ in numerous ways, their commonality lies upon their ability to take pressure off employees by eliminating instances of tailgating or piggybacking. When coupled with biometric and access control devices, security doors and portals work to support regulatory compliance, risk and liability reduction and accurate metrics collection.

While there is an ideal, and often different entry solution for each area within a building, security entrances that deliver intrusion prevention often provide protection for employee-only entrances, data center rack rooms, sensitive file locations, and the executive suite, for example. These entrances incorporate full-height barriers that prevent crawling under or climbing over, as well as sophisticated sensor technologies that stop tailgating and piggybacking. All this for a superior security entrance solution.


  • Prevent tailgating and piggybacking for peace of mind
  • Elimination or reallocation of guard personnel provides a financial payback on the investment
  • Ability to control the number and direction of people passing through the entrance
  • Metrics capabilities allow owners to predict and quantify their actual risk of infiltration
  • Integration possible with virtually any access or biometric solution for single, two-factor or multifactor authentication
  • Support anti-passback, preventing card holders from passing their card back for a second person to gain entry
  • Service software accelerates technical troubleshooting and automation for superior door reliability
  • By design, security revolving doors offer minimum air infiltration and optimal energy savings, especially when installed on the building envelope
  • Aesthetic options allow for seamless integration with building interior or surroundings


  • A feeling of safety and security in the workplace
  • A reduced social pressure of having to enforce security rules when it comes to anti-tailgating

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