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Boon Edam Optical Turnstiles


When your facility needs secured entry that allows for a heavy, yet efficient, flow of authorized traffic and visitor management, optical turnstiles are the ideal solution.

Boon Edam's optical turnstile solutions provide a clear visual deterrent against unauthorized entry, detect unauthorized entry attempts, and trigger alarms to alert local or remote guard staff.

When integrated with an access control system or biometric access control, optical turnstiles provide peace of mind to employees and visitors and reduce the amount of time guards must spend dedicated to securing the entry.

Boon Edam Optical Turnstiles

Optical Turnstiles DETECT Unauthorized Entry

Boon Edam optical turnstiles combine tailgating detection with rapid throughput. With infrared, anti-tailgating sensor technology built into the cabinets, they provide discreet control of the flow of people into secure areas. The automatic operation of the barriers allows for a smooth, touchless entry.

Key Benefits of Optical Turnstiles

  • Serves as a visual barrier against possible infiltration
  • Assists guard force in managing the flow of employees and visitors into a building
  • Sensor system sounds an alarm when tailgating occurs, alerting guard staff to respond appropriately
  • Ability to control the number and direction of people passing through the entrance
  • Works in tandem with visitor management software for a digital record of all guests inside the building
  • Integration is possible with virtually any access or biometric solution
  • Supports anti-passback, preventing card holders from passing their card back for a second person to gain entry
  • Aesthetic options allow for seamless integration with building interior or surround

Advantages for Users

  • A feeling of safety and security in the workplace
  • A reduced social pressure of having to enforce security rules when it comes to tailgating
  • Intuitive and user-friendly

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