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Boon Edam Inc. Opens New Service Centers to Expand Entrance Support on East Coast


Boon Edam Inc. Opens New Service Centers to Expand Entrance Support on East Coast

Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced the opening of three Service Centers in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Atlanta. Each Service Center supports customers in the immediate surrounding states, making it easier to receive product installation services, planned preventative maintenance, and quick response to service calls on the East Coast. These Service Centers are strategically located in areas of the country where thousands of Boon Edam entry products have been installed in dense metropolitan areas.

The Importance of Service for Entrances

Revolving doors and security turnstiles are much like automobiles in that they require regular maintenance for the best performance and return on the owner’s investment. The consequences of an out of order entrance can be significant to a business, ranging from user inconvenience and added costs all the way up to a potential security breach. To prevent these negative outcomes, Boon Edam Inc. continues to invest in the technical training and support of its network of dealers and partners across all the Americas to facilitate excellence in installation and service and prevent outages before they happen.

Bringing Focused Expertise to the Customer

As the number of Boon Edam entrance installations has increased over the years in certain metro areas, so has the need for technical expertise. To provide efficient support to partners, resellers and end user customers, the company is opening three new Service Centers, each managed by a Senior Technical Manager. All Boon Edam service technicians work exclusively on Boon Edam entrances every day and are intimately familiar with the latest configuration updates, parts requirements, and mechanical revisions. For the entrance owners and reseller partners in the Service Center areas, this translates to a level of expertise that can quickly service or troubleshoot an entrance with minimum disruption or downtime. This model has proven successful and Boon Edam intends to continue to invest in this service and support model to ensure they provide an unmatched customer experience.

“Service is a key component of what we call, ‘The Boon Edam Experience,’” says Al Vandine, Service Sales Manager at Boon Edam Inc. “Our Service Centers allow us to better meet the high expectations of our customers and provide more onsite and installation support to our dealers and partners in those locations. Our stance is a proactive one; we can bring unmatched expertise, common parts kits and equipment to bear within a matter of hours for a service call, installation, or planned preventative maintenance visit. And we are dedicated and focused on Boon Edam solutions, which means we can resolve issues very quickly.”

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