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Bullet-Resistant Security From Total Security Solutions


When a clerk was robbed at gunpoint and another intruder demanded narcotics while holding a blood-filled syringe, Wagih Giris of Trinity Pharmacy in Seminole and Clearwater, Florida knew it was time to get serious about bullet-resistant security.

An Internet search turned up Total Security Solutions. Liking what he saw at their site, Giris phoned TSS and described the floor plans of the two locations as well as specific needs for customer communications.

“We wanted bullet-resistant security top to bottom,” says Giris. “But we didn’t want to lose the ability of our customers to easily talk with our pharmacists.”

TSS sent a representative to measure the locations and take photographs in order to prepare a quote. Once costs were approved, the company returned to gather the precise measurements that generated Trinity’s new security systems – extruded aluminum channels framing panels of 1.25″ acrylic security glass that rise five feet up from the countertop. It’s topped by .50″ slotted acrylic all the way to the 10-foot ceiling, providing airflow and preventing an intruder from vaulting over the system. Staff enter or exit the security area, which includes all drugs and the cash drawer, via a wood core bullet proof door lined with ballistic fiberglass and covered with a laminate that matches other materials in the store. A 1.25″ acrylic window and a combination lock provide extra security.

Customer-pharmacist communication is easy via stainless steel voice portals in arched transaction windows, while Lazy Susan-type package passers allow the safe exchange of cash and purchases.

The UL Level I system will easily stop a .38 Super Auto projectile, yet Giris says it’s hardly noticeable.

“I thought it might be impersonal, but it’s not.”

The TSS installation crew installed both systems in the evening so the pharmacies could continue to serve their customers.

“They were very thorough. The quality, the finish and the final appearance were well beyond our expectations,” says Giris.

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