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BURST Add-a-Pak Accelerator Additive for Portland Cement Mortars

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Basic Use

BURST Add-a-Pak is a powerful additive used to give portland cement products a BURST of accelerant for faster set times. It can be used to help speed up work times in most any portland cement mortar such as mud beds, masonry mortars, underlayments, thin sets and grouts.


  • Accelerates set time
  • Easy to use
  • Does not affect mortar characteristics
  • Cuts work time in half
  • Excellent for repair work
  • More economical than standard rapid setting mortars


Do not use MERKRETE Burst Add-a-Pak below 40┬Ć degree Fareheit (4 degree Celsius). Use caution do not allow mortar to freeze for the first 72 hours. Cool and wet weather may delay the set times of the Burst Add-a-Pak. Do not soak tiles previous to installation. MERKRETE Burst Add-a-Pak mixed thin sets must not be used to apply over asphalt sheeting, vinyl covered wall board, Masonite┬«, cement asbestos board, metal, glass, plastic, gypsum mortar beds or other unstable substrates. Improperly cured or wet plywood, particle board or strip wood are not suitable substrates. Installations that will be continually wet like swimming pools, fountains and gang showers the completed installation should be cured a minimum of 14 days and allowed to dry before exposure to water. For white or light colored marbles use MERKRETE Burst Add-a-Pak Admixture mixed with white thin set mortar. Some dimensional stone tile like resin backed, black, green and red marbles may warp when installed with water based setting materials. These water sensitive stone tiles should be installed with MERKRETE ProEpoxy. For use of MERKRETE Burst Add-a-Pak mixed with thin sets, grouts and underlayments not mentioned in these instructions, contact MERKRETE Technical department.

Download Product Datasheet


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