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Case Study: City of Hope Northeast Parking Structure


Case Study: City of Hope Northeast Parking Structure

The City of Hope Northeast parking structure was designed to provide 900+ new parking spaces and retail space for the hospital. Completed in late 2022, the award-winning structure features many unique design elements.

The parking garage design pays homage to the hospital’s message of hope. The brightly colored KINETICWALL system symbolizes the ribbons and tags that patients and loved ones tie to cherry trees with their messages of hope and gratitude. The same theme is carried throughout the entirety of the façade.

The eye-catching KINETICWALL system is comprised of extruded aluminum rails, horizontal rungs, and a mounting bracket system for anchoring to the façade of the building surface. Vandal mesh was used in areas with public access. The individual flapper elements are fastened using pin-mounted technology to allow movement in the wind.

The .040” aluminum flapper elements vary in size and color, from 6”x8” to 6” x 12”. In total, there are 6 different Kynar shades and approximately 21,400 flapper elements.

Coordinating installation for a system of this magnitude can be a challenge. EXTECH provided detailed installation drawings labeled with the system. This coded system ensured accuracy according to the chosen flapper patterns.

Each of the flappers are spaced apart to allow for ventilation, solar shading, and movement. Individually, each element moves so that from a distance, rolling waves of wind motion are seen on the outside of the façade.

What started as a volunteer center in 1913 trying to eradicate Tuberculosis, City of Hope has made many great strides and grown significantly over time. According to their website, City of Hope is working towards transforming the future.

"The visionary work we began over a hundred years ago continues today, as we look forward to leading the fight to eradicate cancer. Every day, we advance new breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment that give more patients everywhere new hope."

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