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Commercial Park Benches from Reliance Foundry Co.


Commercial Park Benches from Reliance Foundry Co.

Supporting vibrant public spaces

Commercial park benches are not just for parks and playgrounds. A bench welcomes people and creates an area to rest and recharge. In front of businesses and indoors in shopping centers, a bench offers a place to organize—especially appreciated by seniors, families, pregnant people, and those with disabilities.

In plazas, on streets, and near amenities, benches support the life of the street. People come to people watch, eat lunch, or meet a friend. Such activity supports foot traffic, local businesses, neighborhood culture, and community engagement.

Park benches are an important part of making places people want to be. Check out our innovation lab for upcoming designs! You can vote on your favorites or be one of the first to customize your own.

Quality Materials And Finishes

Outdoor benches need to be strong enough to handle the rigors of weather and use, while also being accessible, attractive, and comfortable. Quality materials are essential.

Metal benches or bench frames are classic. From traditional cast brackets to modern strap and laser-cut designs, metal provides strength durability for site furniture. Finishes like powder-coating or IronArmor protect against the corrosive elements in the environment.

Balau, a durable hardwood with a warm, mahogany-like glow, is used for an attractive outdoor resilient wood. UV and rain protective finishing ensures long bench life.

ADA Compliance

Looking for an ADA compliant bench? Accessible bench seats are between 17 and 19 inches from the floor or ground. The seat should be between 20 and 24 inches deep and least 42 inches wide. Choose a bench with a back for maximum accessibility. The bench back should reach at least 18 inches above the seat. Check out more details in section 903 at

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