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Custom Curved J-Bead Grille


Project Case Study | Artistry in Architectural Grilles | Custom manufacturers of architectural grilles and metal-work

Recently we were approached by one of our Architect partners to assist with a very unique challenge. They designed a custom ceiling recess with a light fixture access point. To bring HVAC to that area of the room required a grille to match both the curve and the contour of the ceiling. This would mean a linear bar grille incorporating both a top-to-bottom radius and a side-to-side twist.

Our team suggested a J-bead aluminum linear bar grille to create a seamless installation. The J Bead design is quickly fastened to the wall via the outer flange, by either screwing or nailing through the pre-drilled holes. After fastening, the flange is covered with a skim coat of plaster providing a clean, flush appearance.

Both the architect and the homeowner were very pleased with the results and how well the grille fit the contour and character of the ceiling.

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