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Cypher International Ltd.

391 Campbell Street
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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204 489-1214
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Norm Burns

Cypher Environmental Ltd provides environmental solutions for road dustcontrol, soil stabilization, algae reduction, wastewater remediation, roadbuilding, organic effluent treatment, algae removal, road dust suppression,organic bioremediation, wastewater treatment, bod & cod removal, andeffluent odor control with environmental agricultural and infrastructureproducts such as EarthzymeT, Dust StopT and UltrazymeT. Cypher International Ltd. is a diversified business group dedicated to thedynamics of creating a global corporation focusing on the development ofproducts and technologies that benchmark our vision for an environmentallyimproved world. Our management structure alone has more than half a centuryof experience in environmental industries. We are creative, entrepreneurialand forward thinking in the advancement of our technologies and solutions.Our pursuit of knowledge, new technologies, business alliances andsynergistic solutions provide our customers with innovative and highlysuccessful sustainable development applications to solve their everincreasing challenges in environmental areas. Cypher International Ltd. isdedicated to passionately continue in its quest for engineering excellencethrough focussed research and the resulting exceptional products that webring to market. Quality and vastly superior products is our goal and thatgoal is achieved by exceeding product engineering specifications and the expectations of our customers.

EarthZyme is an unparalleled enzyme soil treatment that creates infinitely better roads as well as a multitude of solutions to an endless list of other infrastructure problems, environmentally and economically.

Dust Stop has finally been introduced as a 100% Environmentally Friendly dust suppressant to replace the toxic chemicals that the earth's roads,lands, waters, wildlife, human health, agricultural and natural resources are now being subjected to.

UltraZyme is the utmost in sustainable solutions possessing the ability to reduce and remove waste and hydrocarbons from a number of industrial sources while at the same time being 100% environmentally friendly and providing instant odor control.

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(02050) Basic Site Materials and Methods
(02130) Site Decontamination
(02160) Physical Treatment
(02190) Biological Process
(02340) Soil Stabilization
(01 35 13.43) Special Project Procedures for Contaminated Sites
(02 05 00) Common Work Results for Existing Conditions
(02 51 00) Physical Decontamination
(02 51 13) Coagulation and Flocculation Decontamination
(02 51 16) Reverse-Osmosis Decontamination
(02 51 19) Solidification and Stabilization Decontamination
  (02 54 00) Biological Decontamination
(02 54 13) Aerobic Processes Decontamination
(02 54 16) Anaerobic Processes Decontamination
(02 54 19) Bioremediation Decontamination
(02 54 26) Organic Decontamination
(02 60 00) Contaminated Site Material Removal
(31 05 00) Common Work Results for Earthwork
(32 05 00) Common Work Results for Exterior Improvements
(33 05 00) Common Work Results for Utilities
(35 05 00) Common Work Results for Waterway and Marine Construction

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