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Discovery Channel Canada films AMBICO Blast Doors!


Discovery Canada shot a segment for their TV show Daily Planet about research at the University of Ottawa. Part of the segment featured the setup and installation of AMBICO’s own blast doors in the shock tube and the test results.

Discovery Channel Canada films AMBICO Blast Doors!

A shock tube is a piece of equipment that is used to generate a shock wave. The shock wave simulates the effects of an explosion resulting from detonation of TNT (or other high explosives). The driver section of the shock tube builds pressure. The pressure is released and travels down the expansion section of the shock tube until it hits the test specimens (in this case, AMBICO’s blast doors). Two graduate students, Alan Lloyd and Eric Jacques, set up the doors and then went upstairs to remotely control the shock tube. They also interpreted the results. This particular pair of doors resisted a blast load with a peak pressure of about 9psi with no noticeable permanent deformation.

Dr. Murat Saatcioglu, a Professor at the University of Ottawa, talked about the purpose of blast doors. A blast resistant door is comprised of a door, frame and hardware system able to withstand explosive pressures ranging from ten pounds per square foot (psf) to ninety pounds per square inch (psi). Blast doors are widely used in petrochemical facilities, on military bases, in facilities fabricating and/or storing munitions, and to protect foreign assets such as embassies and their personnel.

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