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EXTECH Acquires Martin Metal Designs of Las Vegas


EXTECH Acquires Martin Metal Designs of Las Vegas

EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, has purchased the assets of Martin Metal Designs, located in Las Vegas.

The acquisition expands EXTECH’s capabilities in its core business of daylighting systems and custom facades. It will also position EXTECH to complete architectural metal work. Matt Martin, a metals artist, will continue as part of the EXTECH team.

For 12 years, Martin Metal Designs has created and fabricated original architectural metal work for commercial and high-end residential building projects in Nevada and beyond. As a recent example, a large, patinated metal, entry door system and trellis were fabricated for a residential customer using a yellow metal known as Muntz bronze.

Martin and his colleagues skillfully shape aluminum, steel, bronze, and other natural and alloyed metals into unique architectural products. Their portfolio includes building façade and signage systems, wall cladding and accents, entryways and gates, handrails and stairwells, fireplace grilles and vent hoods, fixtures and furnishings, cabinetry and display cases, and artwork and sculptures.

EXTECH specializes in designing and fabricating framing systems for use with cellular polycarbonate glazing, as well as wind-activated dynamic wall systems. Now, EXTECH also offers architectural metal specialties.

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