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Holbrook’s New Pre K-12 Facility Features Lightwall 3440


Holbrook’s New Pre K-12 Facility Features Lightwall 3440

With the goal of combining and improving the existing elementary, middle, and high school, the town of Holbrook, MA planned a phased construction of a pk-12 facility- the first in the area. This 217,353 sq. ft. facility, designed by Flansburg Architects, features a wing for grades pk-5 and a separate wing for grades 6-12. These wings are separated by a shared space, featuring gymnasiums, cafeterias, administrative o ices, an auditorium, and a separate entrance for all.

This unique, curved building integrates many traditional programs, as well as state-of-the-art elements such as a STEAM commons, to enhance the learning process by thinking creatively.

To capture the sun’s natural daylighting, EXTECH’s Lightwall 3440 was used throughout the building. A total of 3350 sq. ft. of clerestory windows in the shade opalescent were incorporated into the hallways, gymnasium, and concession areas. Extech’s Lightwall 3440 is factory fabricated— no field measuring, cutting, or drilling required. The tongue-and-groove interlocking panels eliminate the need for leak-prone horizontal joints while providing insulating value and energy savings via daylighting.

Studies have shown that daylighting in schools can lead to better test scores, improved cognitive function, and benefit mental health. When incorporated into a project, daylighting can help achieve LEED certification. Holbrook pk-12 school is a certified LEED Gold, boasting a 34% energy savings over baseline.

The students of Holbrook now have a modern, comfortable facility to continue their education, which will serve them and many generations to come.

Holbrook K-12 School, 245 South Franklin St., Holbrook, MA 02343

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