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Floor Marking by Color

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Oct 25, 2018

Floor marking, if it’s used to its best advantage, can help you create a very organized, efficient and safe workplace. Using the different colors and patterns of floor marking tape that are available, helps keep your employees in the right areas or passageways, marks equipment and storage, and guides them in an emergency. Here is a suggested plan with which to color-code your facility.

Mark aisle ways, traffic lanes, and work cells. Distinguish clearly the various sections of a plant.

Point out equipment work areas and borders.

Mark inspection spaces for materials or products.

Create separate sections for finished products with defects, scrap material, rework products or red tag areas.

Blue, Green & Black
Use tapes to define material storage areas, storage fixtures, and storage shelves or racks for various materials such as raw material, works-in-progress and finished goods.

Red & White Striped
Identify safety and compliance areas to keep them clear. Help workers to discern between firefighting and other kinds of safety equipment. Increase visibility and find items from afar.

Black & White Striped
Color-code operation areas in the case of dangerous equipment or forklift traffic. Use the tape to keep open areas free of miscellaneous items.

Black & Yellow Striped
Mark electrical panel areas and keep the areas around them clear. Apply a border to equipment and special hazard areas; this denotes that caution should be used in the space.

Identify exit pathways with luminous marking tape to show the way out of your building. Apply to steps and floors in the path. This way the path will show in an emergency situation when the light is dim.

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