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Workplace Sign Review, an On-Site Safety Service, for Customers

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Seton, a global manufacturer and distributor of safety and identification products, has announced the launch of its workplace sign review, an on-site safety review service. This new offering, which focuses on safety signage, teaches Seton customers what they need to do to keep workers and visitors safe throughout their facility using visual cues.

Whether a company is looking to make its facility safe or striving to improve productivity, Seton is here to help. These reviews are conducted by Seton’s in-house safety professionals who have backgrounds in occupational health and safety. Their reviews effectively guide customers through the implementation of best practices around a safe visual workplace.

Typical projects that can be included in a Seton workplace sign review include PPE Signs (general facility and specific workstations), fire protection equipment identification, exit and egress routes (signage, floor markings, assembly areas, etc.), first aid equipment identification, traffic control identification, and security/site access signs.

Seton understands the challenges companies have today, as they focus on protecting their workers and any visitors to their facilities. By offering this workplace sign review, Seton can continue to share its expertise in safety and identification product selection, while also providing expert advice to educate customers about proper in-use applications of the safety solutions—especially signage—Seton sells.

The process, which lasts one to two days, begins with an off-site project review, followed by an on-site visit. Seton’s safety professionals then collect data around opportunities for visual signage improvements. The customer then receives a report that summarizes the findings and includes a list of Seton products that can effectively address gaps in safety.

The workplace sign review also addresses continuous improvement initiatives (such as 5S, Lean or TPM) and is geared toward the specific needs of safety managers, maintenance managers, quality managers and facility managers).

“Seton’s workplace sign review enables customers to receive both the guidance and the products they need to create a safe visual workplace,” said Sam Iverson, Regional/Strategic Account Sales Manager for Seton. “We make it easy for them to address their safety challenges with effective safety signage throughout their facilities.”

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