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Framing & Energy Efficiency

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Energy codes across the country are promoting the use of increased insulation in the walls of homes and businesses. Compliance becomes increasingly stringent – with each new edition of the energy codes, and building material producers must actively adjust to provide code-compliant products. The Stucco Manufacturers Association is at the forefront of these energy code changes.

To build energy-efficient walls, a systems approach should be used. Traditionally, the focus is on the use of insulation between and outside the framing members, but the framing itself also has a large impact on the overall energy performance of a wall. New advanced framing techniques have been developed that improve the overall energy performance of the wall. Through the use of these techniques, traditional three coat without foam board may be used and still meet the new energy code requirements. For additional information, please refer to the SMA website at on Educational Resources in the top menu bar and then select Technical Papers in the dropdown menu to download the free Technical Paper on Advanced Framing.

In 1957, the SMA (Stucco Manufacturers Association) formed as a non-profit trade association comprised of the major manufacturers of stucco in North America, as well as their related suppliers. Their primary focus is to educate the professionals in the building industry. Architects, specifiers, plastering contractors, building owners, interior designers, color consultants, and suppliers will all benefit from the expertise of the SMA.

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