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Kalwall clamp-tite system


Kalwall translucent structural sandwich panels can be configured into almost any facade, skyroof or canopy+walkway application imaginable. Clamp-tite™ has been the fastening system of choice through its 60 year co-development with the Kalwall panel technology. Relying of the structural nature of the panel itself, clamp-tite™ makes the most efficient material use of its aluminum profiles, allows for panel expansion and contraction, and provides a weather tight envelope. The clamp-tite™ fastening system has many details and components that can be explored fully in our +RESOURCES section. Here is a brief overview of two of our most common panel-to-panel connections as well as an overview of our aluminum finish options.

Kalwall clamp-tite system

Facade Standard Batten: Plan Detail

  1. Kalwall panel (exterior panels are typically either 2-3/4” or 4” thick)
  2. Clamp-tite alumimun wall batten (sill and jamb not shown)
  3. Countersunk flush fastener (concealed fastener and snap on covers available)

Skyroof® Panel Overlap at Support: Section Detail

  1. Up-slope Kalwall panel with overlap (minimum 2:12 slope)
  2. Clamp-tite alumimun fastening system (attached to support structure below – not shown)
  3. Self-gasketing fastener
  4. Down-slope Kalwall panel (minimum 2:12 slope)

Clamp-Tite Finishes

Kalwall’s Corrosion Resistant Finish (KCRF) is a high-performance architectural coating for all aluminum components. The spray-applied, air-dried, two-part system, including the latest chemically curable 70% fluoropolymer resins, permits large welded and mechanically assembled Kalwall components to be finished as a unit. Field touch-ups with the same coatings are easily performed. KCRF is formulated to meet AAMA 2605 and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2604. KCRF is available in both standard and custom colors. In addition to our standard KCRF finish options, the clamp-tite™ system can also be anodized for an additional cost and with longer lead times. Some exclusions apply.

See all Standard System Finish

See all Optional System Finish

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