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Kalwall's Geo-Roof Is Jewelry Store's Biggest Gem

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Jul 13, 2011

“When I first saw a picture of this skylight in a magazine, I wanted it for our store. We actually designed our entire building around it.”

There was no doubt in Justin Klomp's mind: to celebrate Trice Jewelers' fiftieth anniversary, a 16-foot Kalwall Geo-Roof skylight should be the sparkling gem atop a brand-new store. For decades, the Denver, Colorado-based firm has been a leading jeweler to the Rocky Mountain region. Now operating out of The Streets of SouthGlenn, a recently opened shopping, dining, and entertainment community in the city's southern area, the glittering, 14,000-square-foot emporium and its forty-person staff sell everything from perfect pearls to dazzling diamonds.

The skylight was installed, strategically, just above Trice's bridal diamond showcase, showering it with controlled, natural daylight. A segmented dome with a 15-degree pitch, it comprises 12 segments of Kalwall translucent sandwich panels. Optional colored inserts are available for added interest; to complement any design, colored finishes can be added to exposed aluminum sections.

Klomp, president of the family-owned jeweler, says the daylight flowing gently through the skylight is perfect. “It's so you see the diamonds as if they were outside... as it should be.” Kalwall has long been used in a number of retail settings, such as car dealerships, because the natural daylight makes merchandise look that much more irresistible. Trice's Kalwall skylight must have rocked Denver's retail world: During a soft opening three days before the official ribbon cutting, eager customers were lined up outside the door.

Trice Jewelers
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy of Powers Product

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