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Light Post Bases from TerraCast Products


Light Post Bases from TerraCast Products

If you can’t replace it, re-base it!

Generally speaking, the base of a traditional light pole has seams and the inside of the base is not powder coated or enamel finished. That’s where salt and moisture in the air gets in and corrosion begins.

At TerraCast®, we know that you can’t always go on a replacing spree just because you found a superior product. Like cell phones, you have to wait until it makes sense to invest in the new model. That’s why we offer a line of resin pole bases.

Our resin lamppost base affixes easily to your existing light pole to protect the vulnerable spots at the bottom, where moisture seeps in, creating an entry point for corrosion. Our bases can easily affix to your current light pole to protect the metal pole and base. Though not designed to reverse the effects of corrosion, our bases are excellent at eliminating additional entry points.

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