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Louvers for Wall Installation from Architectural Louvers


Louvers for Wall Installation from Architectural Louvers

Allow air into your building while prohibiting water and debris. There are several levels of water protection available, so you can use our Guide to determine the most cost effective solution for your application.

Louver Selection

In selecting louvers and vents, consideration for your application is critical to your project success. Metal louvers are designed to allow air into the building while keeping out unwanted elements. Improper louver selection may lead to water leakage.

To assist with product selection, each louver model is listed below with optional selections by application, free area, or cost. If you are looking for products not listed, call us. We also offer louvered equipment screens and sunshades made from aluminum with various finishes to fit your project requirements.

What if I want more rain protection?

Gain the utmost protection against water penetration by using one of our Wind Driven Rain Louvers. These louvers will protect your building from water damage, even under heavy wind and rain conditions.

What if I have high wind loads?

Any of our louvers can be modified to handle higher wind loads (within limits). However, if you are in Florida or other coastal states with hurricane force winds, use one of our Hurricane Louvers to gain the highest levels of protection.

Louvers are commonly specified in project documents under these divisions:

08 90 00 Louvers and Vents (sometimes listed as 08 9000, 089000)
08 91 00 Louvers (sometimes listed as 08 9100, 089100)
08 91 19 Fixed Louvers (sometimes listed as 08 9119, 089119)

Select by Application
Select by Free Area
Select by Price Range

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