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MarShield Lead Bricks


MarShield Lead Bricks

MarShield lead brick shielding provides the best choice for construction where temporary, permanent shields or storage areas are required, offering you the flexibility in your design and construction choices. Lead bricks are ideal for adding additional shielding to existing rooms and can be used in new construction as a method to reduce wall or ceiling thickness to achieve space savings. Cast from 99.94% minimum pure virgin high quality lead our bricks are ideal where maximum protection is required from X-Ray and Gamma Ray radiation.

Our bricks are relatively smooth, clean and have a non-porous surface. Our lead bricks can be used for walls, caves, glove-boxes, hot cells or partitions, the transportation of radioactive materials, and nuclear shielding or simply as ballast weight. Bricks are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and shapes to suit your application. They are commonly used for shielding when sheet lead is impractical or not available in sizes or thicknesses you may require. Straight or interlocking styles are available from our stock.

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