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Case Study: MarShield Custom Builds Radiation Protected Cabinets for Medical Research Client


Case Study: MarShield Custom Builds Radiation Protected Cabinets for Medical Research Client

Ensuring that people and products are well-protected from radiation in the work environment is crucial. This is especially the case in the medical research industry, wherein researchers and professionals are working with fragile products and solutions that can be exposed to radiation and other hazards.

To that end, our team at MarShield was commissioned by a biopharmaceutical company in Indiana to manufacture custom cabinetry in which our client could securely store sensitive products and equipment.

The client does medical research to find new cancer treatments that pair companion imaging agents with Small Molecule Drug Conjugates (SMDCs). Accuracy and preservation of materials with which their team works is critical to this challenging work.

Custom-Built Cabinetry

Working with our client, the MarShield team designed and manufactured three cabinets with custom specifications in depth, height, accessibility, and mobility to address their stringent requirements.

Lined with ¼” thick encapsulated pure lead and constructed with mild carbon steel, each cabinet was designed and customized for a specific purpose. While each had its own specifications and requirements, cabinets were outfitted with locking doors, a shielded cable outlet opening, sliding shelving, and astragal overlap to keep contents safe and preserved.

Equipped with heavy-duty swivel casters, wheel locks, step-down floor lock, and heavy-duty self-locking handles as well as wrap around push handles, these cabinets were built for security and mobility.

Finally, each units’ surface was prepared and coated appropriately with polyurethane enamel to protect both its interior and exterior. With smooth rounded edges and chrome finishes, not only were the cabinets built with the utmost in protection and utility, but their design is versatile enough to work in any of the environments to which they will be exposed.

MarShield Delivers for It’s Client

Working with our client to custom-build these cabinets, the end result was a design that met all specifications to keep products safe and shielded from radiation.

MarShield is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of radiation protection solutions. We work with clients to design and manufacture custom equipment, fixtures, and shielding for numerous industries, including medical imaging and facility shielding, nuclear energy, radiography/NDT, nuclear medicine, and more.

To learn more about Marshield’s capabilities, products and the materials we work with, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will respond to you promptly.

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