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Metal Tiles & Panels for Suspended Ceilings

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Are you familiar with suspended ceilings? Chances are if you have been in an office building, a warehouse, a restaurant, a commercial building or even a library, and if you ever looked up at the ceiling, you may recall seeing a symmetric grid of square (sometimes rectangular) tiles that were lined up precisely in a 2x2 or 2x4 grid format supported by some sort of a metal or plastic framework to hold the tiles. That would be a suspended ceiling!

Suspended ceilings are usually installed a few inches below an actual ceiling. These types of start with a metal grid that is designed to accommodate tiles inserts that are “dropped-in” to create a sleek and finished look. Suspended ceilings are great when you want to hide wiring, plumbing, ac or heating ducts, especially in areas where you such exposed elements.

Vie details about Pattern #106 Metal Tiles

Suspended ceilings are quite common in commercial applications, such as restaurants, bars, libraries, warehouses, old style office buildings and other similar applications. Suspended ceilings are actually easier to install than you may think. Here is a link to an article about how to install these types of ceilings.

If sound reflection or absorption is a concern, our metal tiles and panels can be used with an acoustic barrier applied to the back and these work as well as traditional acoustic tiles, if not better!

We offer a large variety of decorative metal tiles & panels for suspended ceilings. In fact, you have a choice of our drop-in metal tiles or our deep-drop in metal tiles that can create a bit of a 3-D effect.

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