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Mixcoac, Insurgentes, Underpass Interchange Project


The Mixcoac-Insurgentes underpass interchange was an extraordinary engineering challenge because of the architectural complexity and operative logistics of the project. The structural composition of the double tunnel, one directly above of the other, made this a very complex interchange. As the only double tunnel in Mexico City it spans over 1.3 kilometers and is a great way for the city to recover public space.

Mixcoac, Insurgentes, Underpass Interchange Project

The largest project challenge was the three existing sewer collectors along the interchange tunnels. This caused more complexity to the design and execution of the project. In the long run the collectors brought important benefit to the hydraulic infrastructure by the substitution of concrete underground galleries that protect the pipes, as well as some wastewater ducts which would stay adjacent to the tunnels. In order to achieve a waterproof structure, Xypex Crystalline Technology was chosen because of its ability to protect against any dampness or leaks and its resistance to chemical attack. The use of Xypex products allowed for a quick and easy waterproofing application.

During the tunnel construction a segment of the wastewater pipes had to be replaced because of its location directly below an out-going lower tunnel. 200 kg of Xypex Concentrate was applied to the inner side of the wastewater channel and Xypex Admix C-2000 (dosed at 2%) was poured as a cover slab of this channel as well as the deck of the upper tunnel.

Quoting Architect Vladimir Sanchez, general supervisor of the project “the use of Xypex technology by crystallization has been convenient and practical, even to solve unpredictable situations as flooding by rain in some areas of the project”… the superior performance of Xypex satisfied not only for the project’s engineers, but also the Mexico City Public Works Department.

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